Jędrzej Rochała

Jędrzej works at VirtusLab and is a member of a Scalacenter team. His work is mostly focused around interactive features of the compiler, but he also happens to be a current maintainer of Scastie.
Mateusz Kubuszok
Scala programmer for over 8 years, coauthor of Chimney (type mapping library) for over 6. Author of blog Kubuszok.com and “Things you need to know about JVM (that matter in Scala)” ebook.

Joydeep Banik Roy
Head of Data Science and ML Engineering

Joydeep is a functional programmer in Scala with experience in both data engineering and data sciences. He writes about Delta Lake OSS as well on medium.com/@joydeep.roy. He is passionate about mingling distributed computing with FP especially using Apache Spark and has written a proper-based testing library on it. Contributor to Jodie project in Delta Lake.
Mikhail Turchenkov
Scala Engineer
Mathematician, Head of IT Systems Development, Head Of BigData in biggest bank in Russia and leading integrator. Scala developer with 10 year professional experience.
Anna Turchenkova
Core Technical Product Owner
Mathematician, Tech Lead, Project Tech Manager in biggest bank in Russia. Scala developer with 6 year professional experience.

Juan M. Serrano
Founding Partner
Habla Computing SL

Juan is associate professor at the University Rey Juan Carlos and co-founder of Habla Computing, a software architecture studio specialized in Scala, functional programming and kdb+/q. He has been orgainzing the Madrid Scala meetup group for its ten-year existence, and enjoys running courses to promote the virtues of functional programming techniques.
Roksolana Diachuk
Engineering Manager
Roksolana works as an Engineering manager at Captify and she is a speaker at the technical conference and meetups. She is passionate about Big Data, Scala, and Kubernetes and always loves learning something new. Roksolana is one of the Women Who Code Kyiv leads and an active member of the Ukrainian Scala community.
Vincent de Haan
Vincent de Haan is a freelance Scala engineer based in Amsterdam. Although originally trained as a lawyer and mathematician, he discovered software engineering was a right fit for him. Vincent has a strong enthusiasm for both continuous learning and sharing knowledge.
Łukasz Biały
Software Engineer
Polyglot full-stack developer and functional programming enthusiast. PSE @ VirtusLab. Values quality over quantity. Permanent learner with a severe information dependency problem. Enjoys conversations about philosophy and all things related to the mind’s inner workings. Loves mountains, biking and hiking.

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